About Matthew Taylor Thomas

My name is Matthew Taylor Thomas (unrelated to Jonathan, so it’s perfectly acceptable to crush on him) and I’m a photographer based in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.

I have loved shooting travel, lifestyle and concert photography since 2012, working with brands such as Tourism and Events Queensland and being published in magazines such as Voyeur (Virgin Australia Inflight Magazine), Escape, Australian Traveller and Yours Magazine, which I am super proud of, but creating visual stories is what really lights my fire.

Inspired by visual wizards such as Tim Walker, David LaChapelle, Alexia Sinclair and Eli Rezkallah, my goal is to translate my vivid imagination and constant daydreams into powerful imagery, with precisely chosen clues and metaphors that can tell a story, evoke a conversation and hopefully stand the test of time.

While secretly crushing on JTT in the 90s, I was also discovering my love for storytelling imagery and its relationship to music, as I would spend hours upon hours listening to music while pouring over the corresponding CD sleeve inserts (no one seems to make these anymore!). The visuals for Boys For Pele by Tori Amos, still takes my breath away 20+ years later.

After completing my professional studies in Visual Communication majoring in Photography at Design College Australia, I started to work on my first full collection, Robbing The Muse, which was showcased on the walls of the Visy Theatre Foyer at the Brisbane Powerhouse during MELT: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture in May, 2018, receiving critical acclaim;

“Very proud of you, darling” - Mum.

“Are you the foot fetish guy? Great work!” - A Brisbane Powerhouse stage hand.



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PS. Favourite saying - “Luck = Preparation + Opportunity”

PPS. Least favourite saying - “Like, Comment, Share”